// 22.02.2015

Precision Motorsports to take a sabbatical in 2015

After a very exciting and in the end very successfull season 2014 and a quiet winter the staff and drivers of Precision Motorsports have decided to take a sabbatical from active racing for the upcoming season.

The team has been working tirelessly for 7 years since it´s foundation in 2008 bringing the competition in FSR to a new level, setting benchmarks in terms of teamwork, efficiency and ultimately race performance that are there to stay for a long time. These years of working tirelessly for success and improvement haven´t gone by without leaving a mark putting a big dent into the motivation of the team members to continue at this level. It is now time for us to take a deep breath, step back and reflect what has happened over the past years to regroup and head onto new projects for the future.

Teamowner Johannes Kunkel commented:
„I see this decision with one sad and one happy eye. Precision Motorsports took up a huge part of our everyday lives over the last years. Of course to leave that behind isn´t an easy decision. But on the other hand the pressure we had put on ourselfes every season to achieve the goals we had set also meant a huge burden to carry around every day. I don´t think any of us will be leaving the simracing world completely, but we will be taking a much more relaxed look onto the things happening without having any pressure to perform. I´m really looking forward to just taking the spectator seat for once, and who knows, where and how we might return to be fighting for championships and racewins again."


Precision Motorsports Press
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