History 2008 - 2011

Precision Motorsports was founded in January 2008 from a small group of friends who enjoyed racing together for a long time. The goal of the team was to get into Professional SimRacing and fight with the best teams in the world for titles and glory. Shortly after the foundation of the team the original Logo was designed to represent the team. From the start the colors black and silver formed the main pattern for the team, together with the german flag to represent the origin of the team.


For the first race, a V8 Supercar Bathurst 1000km race, the team had planned a special initiative to show the SimRacing Community their Ambitions for the future and to raise the awareness of the community for the social responsibility to help the less fortunate. "Racing for Kids" was born, the livery was made up of hundreds of child portraits, which showed the Children of an orphanage in Tamil Nade/South India, which should receive the donations collected in the race.

Shortly after the Bathurst 1000km race the team began preparing for what was going to be the toughest Challenge until this day. The entrance into the Formula Simracing. Soon the team got in contact with Rogerio Barroso the teammanager of Virtual-Games.com who was looking for a team to loan their FSR World Championship License. This gave Precision Motorsports the unique opportunity to enter into the highest division of Formula Simracing already in their first year. After hectic preparations for the season the team hired an all Polish Lineup to represent them in their first year in the World Championship, Piotr Karasiewicz and Marcin Malinski. In the first race, the 2008 Australian GP an overall amount of 8 drivers represented the colours of the team spread over each division.
The first season in the Formula Simracing was meant to be a learning experience, and as expected the team didn´t score any major results. After a season marked by drivers joining and leaving, the team finished last in the World Championship Constructors Standings with only 5 points.

For 2009 the team awaited a big change. Juan Diego Sanchez joined the team as a Graphical Artist and soon the team could present a new Layout and Logo. The former Silver/Black scheme changed to a more elegant White/Black, but still combined with the German Flag.


Racing wise the plans were to strive for more success especially in the Formula Simracing World Championship. And as the team made major driver acquisitions in the lower divisions it failed to secure a strong and stable lineup for the World Championship, which resulted in a very disappointing first half of the season. However in the lower divisions the team could finally score some major success by scoring victories and podiums, but before the end of the first half of the season drivers began to leave the team which put it in a crisis that almost ended the history of the team after just 1,5 years.

In the summer the team experienced a turning point with new team manager Ondrej Kuncman joining the team. Shortly after Jaakko Mikkonen joined as the new World Chamionship lead driver. Soon after joining the team Jaakko scored his and the team´s first podium in Spa and the first win one race later in Valencia continuing with another win in Monza. With the joining of David Greco the team scored it´s first 1-2 double win in Montreal and managed to secure the Runners Up spot in the Constructors Championship in the last race in Brazil, with Jaakko missing out on the 2nd place by just 1 point.



2010 was supposed to be the winning year in Formula Simracing with an attempt to fight for the Championship in all 3 newly formed Divisions (World Championship, World Series, World Trophy). The team participated with 2 teams and 4 drivers in each of the Division. The World Championship team was formed of Jaakko Mikkonen, Bono Huis, Rasmus Tali and Ronny Hähnel. Even with the strong opposition from Twister Racing und Ghostspeed Racing, the team could mark it´s goals with a demonstrative win in every Division in the season opener in Bahrain with Bono taking his first World Championship win.

Over the rest of the season the team scored an overall of 14 out of 18 wins in the World Championship with Bono taking away 9 victories securing the drivers- and constructors championship after just 15 rounds. In the other divisions the team scored 10 wins in the World Series and 12 in the World Trophy taking both the drivers and constructors championship in all divisions.

Since the foundation of Precision Motorsports Endurance racing played a big role for the team with their first ever race being a 1000km race. More Endurance races followed in 2008 with the SSCA 10h of Fuji and in 2009 the 24h of Spa-Francorchamps. In 2010 the team was planing to enter the legendary 24h of LeMans for the first time. As preparation for this event a small part of the team participated in a 6h race in February which was ultimately won giving the confidence to push with full motivation for the victory in the 24h of LeMans, no less then 3 cars (2 LMP1 and 1 GT) entered the race. The 1st LMP1 car managed to score the ultimate victory after 24h, unfortunately the GT car suffered a disconnection with just 3h to go loosing a sure class victory. Since that event the team is eagerly waiting to take part in the next big endurance race with a hopefully more secure software eliminating the big risk of disconnections.



After the superb season of 2010 the team had the tough goal to defend their titles in 2011. In order to prepare for the new challenges the team hired Mikko Puumalainen to replace Ronny Hähnel in the World Championship and made the team smaller by closing the World Trophy team.

The 2011 season was purely dominated by Bono Huis starting the season with 8 consecutive victories and scoring an overall of 14 wins out of 16 races. Securing the drivers and constructors championship for the 2nd year in succession. In the World Series the team won 8 out of 16 races and again securing the drivers and constructors championship for the 2nd year in succession.

Continuing the teams efforts in Endurance racing noone less then the team owner Johannes Kunkel and graphics artist Juandi Sanchez teamed up for a 1000km race on the legendary Nordschleife taking home a 3rd place with a uncompetetive car.