Malaysian GP Preview


Round 2 of the Formula Simracing 2014 season lays infront of us. After a mediocre start to the season missing a couple of apexes in the desert of Bahrain Precision Motorsports moves on to Malaysia with high hopes to improve on the performances at the season opener.

After two busy weeks of testing, the team is confident to have found some of the pace that was lacking, and is looking to attack the top spots in both categories.

Track History:
It is going to be the 6th race at the Sepang circuit for Precision Motorsports. Ever since 2010 the team holds a winning streak, with Rasmus Tali leading the teams first 1-2-3 finish in 2010 followed by victories of Bono Huis in 2011 and 2012. No race was held here in 2013.

To be in the action, remember to tune in for the live broadcasts at Saturday 16:30 GMT for ACE, and Sunday 16:15 GMT for the World Championship.


Team owner Johannes Kunkel commented:
"Bahrain didn´t really go as we would have liked to, in some terms we were a bit unlucky, losing a victory in Ace with Jiri with problems in the last laps and a good points finish with Ivars brake failure due to a faulty pedal. Clearly our preparation wasn´t as good as it could have been though and we have to admit that others, namely Morgan Morand did a better job. It is now on us to close the gap and the team has been hard at work to do that. Wether it will be enough to see a major improvement this weekend already has to be seen."


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Precision Motorsports Press
Official Press Release
written by Johannes Kunkel