Precision Motorsports presents its 2014 campaign

The 2014 Precision Motorsports campaign kicks off in Bahrain just before the start of the season, where the team and its drivers are getting ready for the new challenge the 2014 Formula Simracing season is going to be. 2014 is going to be the 7th season of the team, and it might just turn out to be the biggest challenge yet with the introduction of a new simulator for the first time since 2006. Starting its journey in 2008, Precision Motorsports has clinched no less than 53 race wins from 97 starts in the FSR World Championship, including a record breaking four drivers' and constructors' titles.

The PrM-007 is the seventh Formula 1 car in the history of the team, and after 6 years in rFactor it´s the first time the simulation rFactor 2 is used, providing a more dynamic and detailed physics simulations. The colorscheme of the car is going back to the roots of 2008 and 2009 showing a black and silver livery and featuring the characteristic red and yellow lines representing the heritage of the team.

The team line-up in the World Championship doesn´t contain any surprises as the World Championship campaign is once again spearheaded by 4 times World Champion Bono Huis and 2013 Runner Up Ivar Kalamees who will be piloting the Nr. 1 and 2 main cars. In the sister team GT Omega Racing Jack Keithley will drive the Nr. 22 car and 2013 World Series Runner Up Rob van Starkenburg made the move up to a full time World Championship seat and will be driving the Nr. 23 car.

In the newly named ACE Series (formerly World Series) the team has brought in a fully new line up in form of the FSR newcomers Martin Hodas and Jiri Toman who have both shown great promise in the 2014 Winter Series, taking a combined 3 of 5 race wins. The team has high hopes that both of them will be able to continue the strong form Precision has shown in the World Series over the past years.


Team Owner Johannes Kunkel commented:
"I´m looking forward to the start of the new season. We once again have a very strong driver line up with the addition of 2 new drivers who have both shown really good promise in the past. Using rFactor 2 is definitely going to be a new challenge for us, but having seen how the team works in the past weeks I have no doubt that we will be able to put together a strong season yet again. Starting the season as title defenders, like we have done the past years is always difficult, and a new simulation gives everyone the chance to start from 0, much like the big rule changes have done in Formula 1. I think under these circumstances it is going to be a very interesting season and I hope the new simulation lives up to the expectations and provides a great specticle."

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Precision Motorsports Press
Official Press Release
written by Johannes Kunkel