Japanese GP review

Jack Keithley, Ivar Kalamees and Bono Huis have clinched 4th consecutive constructors title for Precision Motorsports, once again In Suzuka. The team scored 4th 1 2 finish in the 2013 WC season and Bono scored his 8th win in the season, surpassing Roy Kolbe’s record of 40 wins. Suzuka race weekend however wasn’t a walk in the park.

World Series
From a very high expectations, the team has suffered a massive blow with the never ending streak of bad luck in the World Series making its return. Martin Gosbee suffered a disconnection from a 10 second lead in the second half of the race. Rob van Starkenburg was hit at the start of the formation lap and was forced to start from the pitlane. Possible 1 2 finish ruined. Although Rob drove an amazing recovery race to finish 3rd in the end and keep his championship alive. Cyril Werdmuller finished 4th, ending his streak of DNFs and Nick Rowland's soft tyres gave up on him in 130R in the first stint, sending him into barriers and ending his race. Yet another gifted win to the main competitor. Rob is now sharing the championship lead, Martin is 15 points behind.

Ondrej Kuncman commented:
"Martin starting 2nd and Rob 4th after a mistake in S2 was a good promise knowing their race pace and superior top speed to anyone. Strategy was quite straightforward this so it was just a matter of controlling the race with Martin who quickly snatched the lead away from Brljak on the start. After it we just need gap good enough to cover him, which was made easier by Brljak’s mistake when he ran into Martin. Martin drove the whole race fully under control, not risking anything so the disconnection is extremely painful. We had pace for 1 2 finish without any doubt and Rob performed so well the last week of testing, being nearly on the pace of Ivar. In the end Rob received help from Cyril who was heading for his first podium this year, we are grateful to Cyril for allowing Rob to go through. We have 4 races left now, we have superior car and drivers are performing extremely well and who, despite all the trouble, remain highly motivated to win, so we will keep working hard and keep doing what we do every race and we are going to win this title. Bad luck is not going to stop us."

Martin Gosbee commented:
"In Q2 I did a nice solid lap but due to struggles in S1 throughout testing I missed out on pole to Petar.
The formation lap saw the accident between Leppala and Starkenburg which was very unfortunate as Rob had very strong pace, possibly better than mine, however at the start I got a better launch than Petar and took the lead quite easily, managing the gap throughout the stints untill an unfortunate disconection, a very big shocker for me as with the results as they were it would of given me the championship lead by some margin."

World Championship
Bono achieved yet another pole position with Jack Keithley starting alongside, Jeffrey Rietveld 3rd and Ivar Kalamees had to abort his Q2 lap after a mistake. The start was uneventful, only Ivar started his charge through the field, within a couple of laps he was already 4th, behind his teammates. Jeffrey passed Jack after in the second lap, Ivar managing the same in lap 5. From then on all drivers kept a few seconds gap between each other. Jack on P4 however had a tough job defending from Simoncic, but a great defensive passing and spot on strategy allowed Jack to stay in front of him. Unfortunately with 4 laps to go Jeffrey Rietveld was DDoSed by an unknown attacker, leading to disconnection from the server and retirement. The retirement will now make the hunt for P2 with GT Omega Racing a bit more complicated, but everyone will do their best to achieve. In the end though, Bono Huis crossed the finish line on first, completing the double victory, Ivar Kalamees 2nd and Jack Keithley 3rd.

Ondrej Kuncman commented:
"It was a very clear and predictable race from the beginning, except of Ivar everyone managed their qualification laps pretty well. Ivar made up for it though in the first stint with a great charge. Before the first pit stops positions were basically settled. Jack drove a great race after struggling a bit in the testing and he defended very well against Simoncic, which in the end gave him a podium finish. What was very sad is the DDoS attack on Jeffrey. I’m personally quite sure who was involved in this, and the name would be very surprising to everyone, it is not Christensen anyway. Very sad loser this person is. This action ruined our great day in the WC as 1 2 3 4 finish would be our best ever result in any WC race. We still won 4th consecutive constructors title and no DDoS is gonna stop us."

Ivar Kalamees (2nd) commented:
"After the mistake in qualfying, the first laps were going to be difficult. Fortunately I got by both Twisters in the first few corners and could set my sights on the Ghostspeeds, whom I overtook in T1 on the next two laps. Our straightline speed helped a lot to get by them. After passing Jack for 3rd it was just about getting the car home and scoring another podium. Great shame that we couldn't get the 1-2-3-4."

Jack Keithley (3rd) commented:
"Not much to say about the race as not much happened from my view, but my mirror had Jernej Simoncic in view the whole time which was a little frustrating but apart from that the race was good and very happy to get P3. Thanks to the team on another great setup and that showed considering we were on for a 1-2-3-4 but luck was not fully on our side for that to happen."


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written by Ondrej Kuncman