Hungaroring GP review

After a 4 week break Formula Simracing returned with Round 8, on the twisty and tight circuit of Hungaroring. Precision Motorsports having won the World Championship race on this track in the last 3 years, was looking for a 4th consecutive victory with Bono Huis and returning to winning ways in the World Series, but not all was meant to be.

World Series
Martin Gosbee was back in action, after having to stand out the previous race due to several unfortunate events, while Rob van Starkenburg was eager to take what was his, being disconnected in the closing stage of the race on Nurburgring.
Martin Gosbee drove a great lap in Q2, taking his second pole of the season. Rob started 4th. GT Omega Racing drivers haven’t succeeded in qualification, Cyril Werdmuller starting 10th and Nick Rowland 15th. Rob handled the pressure of start best of all and moved up to 2nd, with Martin leading. The positions of leaders remained unchanged until the first pit stop when Brljak from Twister Racing jumped Rob in the pits. Pitting later than the Twister’s competitor each pit stop, it became clear that Rob will be on soft tyres in the final stint, allowing him to put pressure on Brljak. A dominating performance from Martin Gosbee suffered a sudden blow after the final pit stop, when uncharacteristic from Martin sent him into a barrier. He had to pit for new front wing and lost any chances of top spot finish. Final 10 laps saw a fierce battle for the win, Rob managing to put a big pressure on Brljak, who took over the lead after Martin’s mistake. Rob didn’t manage to make his move stick though and after his tyres hit the cliff, there was nothing he could have done. Rob finished 2nd, Martin 3rd, right infront of Cyril Werdmuller who drove a consistent mistake-free race. Nick Rowland was on alternative strategy, starting on soft tyres, however a spin in the first stint ruined the progress. Nick finished 11th. The team kept the constructors lead, but drivers championship is getting extremely tight, with Martin leading by 5 points in front of Brljak and Rob being further 10 points behind.

WS Race analysis (Ondrej Kuncman)
"As we saw in the last couple of races, our pace was very similar to Twister Racing, so any small mistake can cost a win and it did. Martin controlled the race until his crash, he had a good enough advantage each pit stop to just stay out a few laps longer than Brljak, so there wasn’t much they could have done. It is a great shame to lose win again, after Rob’s disconnection in Nurburgring. Rob’s race was more tricky, being right in front of Brljak the first pit stop. It is often a lose-lose situation and risking early pit stop wasn’t worth it due to traffic. The plan since then was to go on soft tyres in the final stint. I later realized what we could have done better, but anyway Rob drove a great race and I’m certain 2nd win of the season isn’t far away. We must start winning again though otherwise this championship can be more dramatic than we wish."

Rob van Starkenburg commented:
"Qualifying didn't go very well, q1 wouldn't be difficult anyway, but my q2 lap wasn't too good either. So I had to settle for 4th.
The race start was very good. I reacted a bit faster and came of the line better as well and managed to get into 2nd.
For the first few laps I could stay with Martin, but he was just a tiny bit faster than me. So eventually he pulled away a bit. I made some small mistakes which helped Petar to stay right behind me as well.
He made his 1st stop earlier then me so we decided to stay out an extra lap longer as he would get in front anyway. After my last I had the tire advantage, however I had a big gap to close. I managed to close the gap and with 2 laps to go I had a go on the outside into turn 1. We had a bit of contact at the exit, which hurt my run out of the corner. I then had the inside for t2 but wasn't fully alongside. In the last lap I knew my tires were too bad so I brought it home.
Really a shame I didn't manage to get the victory in the end. Especially after my disconnection last race, and Martin falling back it would have been very good for the team and myself.
I hope to have a better 2nd half of the season and I will do whatever I can to improve further!"

Martin Gosbee commented:
"Qualifying 1 was surprising to see that we were a bit off but into top 10 anyway, Q2 was more interesting, I set a very clean solid lap and wasn't far from my PB and was on pole.
The race start was very good for me, keeping position easily with others struggling and Rob getting into P2 was a great boost, the pace between us and Twister was extremely close but as the race went on I was slowly pulling away at each stint, most of the race was un eventful, covering Brljak on each stop which was going fine until an odd moment with the car saw it snap mid corner causing me to correct it, after correcting the left rear wheel was on the grass and I had no time to stop my car and lost my front wing in the wall, after this I pitted immediately to fix the damage and unfortunately I wasn't in range of laps left for the soft tyre to be available, however I brought the car home in P3, quite disappointed about it but it also could of been a lot worse."

World Championship
Qualification offered a very tight battle of Bono with Morand. Bono lost by insignificant 0.001s. Rob van Starkenburg in 2nd GT Omega Racing car drove his strongest qualification yet to be 3rd, only 0.1 behind pole position. Jack Keithley was 5th and Ivar Kalamees drove a purposefully slow lap to get in front of Puschke. Ivar started 9th.
It has been a long time since turn 1 incident in the world championship, however Morand collided with Baldi. Morand hit Bono and then also touched Rob, costing them both positions. Bono suffered relatively heavy damage on the rear and had to make his way back to P1. Ivar’s start was compromised by a competitor’s car pushing him wide and therefore he failed to win any positions. Bono made it back to P2 in no time and after Baldi’s technical issue, GT Omega Racing cars of Jack and Rob were 2nd and 3rd respectively. Bono pitted a lap before Morand in an attempt to leapfrog him, which worked out temporarily. Not long after, Patrick de Wit, starting with on half empty fuel tank, decided to mix himself in the battle for the lead, costing Bono the lead and creating some very dangerous situations. After 2nd pit stops it was clear that Bono will do 1 extra pit stop. His charge in the penultimate stint on soft tires worked wonders, passing Morand effortlessly and creating a race winning lead. Jack and Rob drove consistently and after every pitted for the last time, it was clear their positions were unchallenged. After Morand’s time penalty, Jack moved up to 2nd even, Rob stayed on 4th. Ivar’s race went from bad to worse, having to fight with disrespectful drivers. Ivar finished 9th.
Bono Huis, winning the Hungarian GP for 4th consecutive time, extended his championship lead to 26 points in front of Ivar. Jack kept his P3 and GT Omega Racing closed up on 2nd Ghost Speed yet again.

WC Race analysis (Ondrej Kuncman):
"It could have been a walk in the park race for Bono, however the first issue came with the start. After the incident with Baldi, Morand could have avoided Bono if he wanted to.., but anyway the main issue was de Wit, who cost us lead with his retarded actions. Such lack of respect and absolutely appalling behavior has nothing to do in any completion. We stayed on 4 stopper and Bono performed it excellently and drove an amazing race. Both Jack and Rob didn’t need any alternative strategies or any significant changes, despite attempts of other drivers to get ahead so it was pretty straight forward there. Both GT Omega drivers drove excellently and Jack especially finally got his deserved finish in Hungary and a podium. With Ivar we decided to save tyres in Q2 and do a 3 stopper, which I admit, was a very wrong call and due to some bad luck in the opening laps there it couldn’t work out in the end, considering the damage Ivar also suffered. Getting through the traffic was even more difficult with some people behaving like they are alone on the track. All 4 drivers however drove excellently in the race and but we still have some work to do. Having a superior setup isn’t possible this year but we can certainly win some more time, which is what we will aim for."

Bono Huis commented:
"This was one of the most exciting races of my career. Enjoyed every lap of it and for once the battle with Morand was relatively clean. I think we were faster in the race, but getting hit on the start and de Wit's behaviour put us behind Morgan, which made it more difficult than it should have been. So we had to do something different strategy wise and that gave me the possibility to pass Morgan for the win."

Jack Keithley commented:
"I am very happy with a podium finish as I usually suck so hard at this track and have luck on about the same level. The race for the last podium spot was looking tight all race as I reckoned anyone from Gergo down to Samuel could have had a shot at it, but we did a really good job on the strategy and the team got me on the right tires at the right time and I was really happy with how i drove especially the 3rd stint which was the most crucial one as I could then maximize the softs with the low fuel which always feels good."

Rob van Starkenburg commented:
"This was clearly my best qualifying in FSR so far. With a Personal best time in both Q1 and Q2. I got 3rd place on the grid wich felt really awsome.
I had a very good start off the line, and before turn 1 I was alongside Morand. I braked very late for turn one to try something on the outside, but then due to some incident Morand smashed into my side.
I fell back to 5th place because of it with rear right suspension damage. I don’t think the damage had any effect though.
After that I could stay with Jack very easy in the first stint. In the 2nd stint I had to let Jernej go at some point, because he had the soft tire on. I lost 2 places to both Twisters as well.
3rd stint I managed to do a good pace and close the gap to jack a bit. After last stop I was 6th on track behind Samuel and Jernej. I knew they were on the harder tires so I was ready to attack.
I closed the gap pretty fast and managed to pass them on the first occasion. After that I just pushed until the end, enjoying the car and just try to make to gap to Jack as small as possible.
I’m really happy with this 4th place and I know I even had the speed to get a podium so I’m really happy."


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written by Ondrej Kuncman