Precision Motorsports opens touring car division

Over the recent years, Precision has focused solely on Formula SimRacing, having had a tremendous success in all series in the league. This year, the team has decided to make an expansion to the world of closed-wheel cars, as the team will compete in the well-known TouringProSeries (TPS) - full time. TPS itself features a number of active leagues, including the Tom Onslow-Cole Clio Series, World Supertech Series, which Jack Keithley has won a few weeks ago and the Virtual Mini Challenge that was won for Precision Motorsprots by Peter Duivelaar at the end of 2012.

For the succesful expansion and a solid base of touring car drivers, Precision Motorsports has signed up some new names, well-known Dannish simracers as well as real racers Lasse Sorensen , Alexander Lauritzen and Simon Kilov. FSR WS 2012 champion Jack Keithley will take part in the league, as the only one of the team's active FSR drivers. Jack's role however will not be only driving related as he becomes Precision Motorsports Touring Cars Manager.

The team is planning to participate in the Virtual Mini Challenge, the Virtual V8 Supercars and most importantly the Tom Onslow-Cole Clio Series, which offers some great prizes. To successfuly perform in all the series, the team may be looking for further expansion in the following weeks.

Touring Cars Manager Jack Keithley commented:
„I am very pleased to be a team manager, it's a new role for me and it's something I have always fancied at having a go at. We have put together a very good squad of drivers who are all fast and experienced and I think together we can achieve some very good results and continue the success of Precision Motorsports. My main focus this year is still FSR but if I can have success in FSR and also as a manager then it should be a good year."

Lasse Sorensen commented:
„I'm very proud of joining Precision Motorsports. It's something really big for me in simracing. I think we can get some great result together, and work well as a team. I'm very happy to have some of my old teammates with me. I know Precision Motorsports is the best simracing team, and I know they got a lot of experience and take it very seriously. To be honest I'm very much looking forward for the season to begin to get some good results with them."

Simon Kilov commented:
„Im very happy to drive for Precision Motorsport in 2013. Precision are very well known for dominating FSR in the last couple of years. Now they wanna start up a team in TPS, and I'm happy to be a part of that. I am expecting to develop my self as a driver, but also help the Precision Motorsports TPS team to be very strong this season. I am looking forward to start the new season in TPS and to start working with the team."

Alexander Lauritzen commented:
„I expect good team work and good results in the future with Precision Motorsports and I'm very happy to be part of the team. I'm sure I also will learn many things in Precision Motorsports and get more experience becuse it's one of most exclusive teams in simracing with many good and experienced drivers who have won FSR World championship in 2010 and 2011 and 2012. Precision now starts a strong team in TPS and I'm looking forward to start working with them in some of the new championchips in TPS. I'm sure it will be great."

Team Owner Johannes Kunkel commented:
„The plans to expand the team into other series and new racing types have been there since day 1, it only depended on getting the right people for the job to ensure we are represented the way we want. With Jack in the role as manager we have a very experienced driver who knows what it takes to be successfull in touring cars, so I´m sure he will do a great job. Lasse, Simon and Alexander are very talented drivers and I´m looking forward to following their development during the different series."


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Official Press Release
written by John-Eric Saxen